SOUL Coaching - Adv training Program

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      Discover a new approach to conducting your coaching meetings!
      • What is the spirit that guides you in making powerful questions?
      • What animates your client to come to you and make his own decisions and responsibilities?
      • What is the purpose that drives you to work as a coach?

      This course is for professional Coach development over 3 days of training and experimentation in the classroom, plus 3 hours of mentoring on the use of the new approach.

      What You Get:

      1. Practice spirit-based coaching techniques with fellow coaches and experts under the supervision of two SUN Associate Coach Trainers.
      2. Receive feedback from peers and trainers.
      3. Get mentoring in small groups.
      4. Improve and grow your personal quality of life by experiencing new levels.

      Upon completion, receive a certificate of participation for 20 hours of training on ICF Core Competences, 4 hours in Personal Development and 3 hours of group Mentoring which you may submit to ICF to request CCEUs, which may support your credential renewal or moving from ACC to PCC or PCC to MCC.

      What We Do Together - Course Objectives:

      1. Learn aspects and uses of the spiritual component of the client, including client energy, moods, vibrations, feelings, insights.
      2. Practice ease, confidence and peace of mind while weaving the spiritual component with the mental and physical components, such as thoughts, belief systems, beliefs, strategies, knowledge, intentions, experiences, learning, behaviors, actions, programs, and results.
      3. Gain ability to change perspective by considering events and situations in light of what emerges from consideration of the spiritual.
      4. Grow and live in a different, more aware way, thanks to consideration of the spirit of every human being.
      5. Hone skills and ability to use a spiritual dimension in the context of the 11 ICF core competencies through observation and practice carried out during all training days.

      How We Meet the Course Objectives – Theory, Practice & Mentoring

      • Learn new coaching methods and techniques through theory (30%).
      • Practice with sharing and reflections on learning and development (70%).
      • Solidify learning through follow-on mentoring in small groups. 3 hours of mentoring hours are completed electronically during the 3 months following the in-person training.
      • Where We Meet
      • Where we meet:
        The course is held in beautiful Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts on June, 2016 at the "Dare to Dream" home. Participants have the opportunity to visit the peaceful island of Martha's Vineyard before during, and after the training.

        Optional Add-ons

        Option 1: Each morning before the training starts, you have the option to experience possible ways to grow your spirituality. No additional cost.
        Option 2: For those who are seeking their PCC and coaching consistently at the PCC level by the end of the training, we can provide letters of reference to submit to the ICF. No additional cost.

        Registration and Investments

        • Register 6 weeks before and take a 20% discount! Just $1999.20 for all 27 hours!
        • Register 4 weeks before and take a 10% discount! Just $2249.10 for all 27 hours!
        • Prefer more flexibility? Regular registration is just $2,499.00 US for all 27 hours!

        Register online now at

      • Meals paid for by participants.
      • For this first edition of Charisma, Connection, Coaching, the first 8 participants who register can choose accommodation free of charge for up to 5 nights at the "Dare to Dream " home.
      • Or select your own accomodation, at your expense, at a nearby B&B or hotel.

        The Trainers:

      • Paola Brumana Cenciarini: PCC, SUN Associate Coach Trainer and Director in Italy and Switzerland for the SUN School of Coaching, and fouder of io valgo
      • Leanne Cusumano Roque: PCC, SUN Associate Coach Trainer and President, CRC Consulting, Inc. in the USA 



Una raccolta di indicazioni preziose, di esempi, di testimonianze che conducono il lettore curioso a scoprire o a riordinare con chiarezza accorgimenti che conducono alla felicità e alla gioia di vivere. Il lettore viene esortato a sognare ad occhi aperti, a individuare gli strumenti a lui più congeniali per raggiungere ciò che desidera, ad agire, ad alzarsi in punta di piedi per riuscire a scorgere e a cogliere idee e orizzonti generalmente poco esplorati.