Sosteniamo Rhythm Uganda


Hello! My name is Godfrey Muwulya; I am a performing artist and a teacher of East African dance and musical instruments.I come from Uganda, Africa. I conduct African dance workshops throughout New York and Massachusetts so that I can raise money to support a home for children that I founded just over a year ago. The home is called Rhythm Uganda and it is for a select group oftalented children that come from poor backgrounds. The children, ages 10-19, come to study music and dance with each other and master teachers while completing their studies at school. Some of the children come from captivity in war, poverty, or rough family situations.

My goal is to see these children have a brighter future, one that is enriched with music and dance. I pay for the rent for the house that they all sleep in, the food they eat, medical expenses and their school fees.My goal this year is to raise enough funds to buy land and build a house for them. In Uganda, you can buy a plot of land and construct a house for around $10,000 American dollars. I have raised $1,500 so far for this project and I am seeking your support.

Anydonation will make a difference in the lives of those children and help me continue to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity. If you want to write me or to ask me questions, please do it at




Una raccolta di indicazioni preziose, di esempi, di testimonianze che conducono il lettore curioso a scoprire o a riordinare con chiarezza accorgimenti che conducono alla felicità e alla gioia di vivere. Il lettore viene esortato a sognare ad occhi aperti, a individuare gli strumenti a lui più congeniali per raggiungere ciò che desidera, ad agire, ad alzarsi in punta di piedi per riuscire a scorgere e a cogliere idee e orizzonti generalmente poco esplorati.